Prepare A Genogram For The Client You Selected. The Genogram Should Extend Back By At Least Three Generations (Great Grandparents, Grandparents, And Parents) I will provide a client without violating HIPPA these are the areas need to be addressed in the genogram Demographic information Presenting […]

RTP D3 (4284)

Please, write a response to this discussion in one paragraph by using one reference from peer-reviewed Nursing Journal not older than 5 years. APA required without cover page. Family Issues on Aging             Mrs. Lo and her daughter seem to be at a critical point […]

Are Cell Phones Dangerous?

Write a 5 paragraph essay with the following components: Introduction: a.       Hook/Grabber: question statement data/fact Background info on the topic Thesis Statement: inform the reader about what your essay will be about; last sentence of the intro para. Body Paragraphs: 2 paragraphs containing the pros of the […]

Capstone Project Topic Selection – Drug Induced Mental Disorder

Evidence-based practice proposal topic for this capstone project is Drug Induced Mental Disorders. Consider the clinical environment in which you are currently working or have recently worked. The capstone project topic can be a clinical practice problem, an organizational issue, a quality improvement suggestion, a leadership initiative, […]

Change Initiative

In a written paper of 1,250-1,500 words, evaluate the current forces driving change in your field or industry (Nursing). As a leader, or considering the role of a leader, assess your organization and evaluate how well it is responding to the forces, and identify where […]


 MENINGOCELE/ MYELOMENINGOCELE Required elements   Description of the disorder     Priority Nursing Diagnosis and why  Nursing Assessment / Clinical Manifestations  Nursing Plan/ Goals/ Outcomes  Nursing Interventions   Nursing Evaluations  Patient and Family teaching  Conclusion/ Summary  Cites four (4) APA format references (at least 5 years old) […]

Lyme Disease Case Study

Critical Thinking Questions  1. What is the cardinal sign of Lyme disease? (always on the boards) 2. At what stages of Lyme disease are the IgG and IgM antibodies elevated? 3. Why was the ESR elevated? 4. What is the Therapeutic goal for Lyme Disease […]

Information Management Systems

Instructions As a manager of an organization, you will often need to find ways to cut costs. One way to cut costs is to outsource by hiring another organization to perform the service. Consider the scenario below. As a manager for the public outreach department, […]


NURS 6051:  TRANSFORMING NURSING AND HEALTHCARE THROUGH TECHNOLOGY WEEK 2 RESOURCES McGonigle, D., & Mastrian, K. G. (2017). Nursing informatics and the foundation of knowledge (4th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. · Chapter 25, “The Art of Caring in Technology-Laden Environments” (pp. 525–535) · Chapter 26, […]